Mobile ruggedized AI camera for safety and compliance monitoring

DeepX prioritizes delivering high-quality services in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Our clients expect reliable software to enhance their business operations.  Our solution includes high-quality software and hardware, making real-time monitoring of critical events easier and more comfortable.

CamBox has evolved from a 2016 first prototype based on Raspberry Pi with a single camera to a full-fledged AI/ML capable stereo vision hardware/software solution, and a part of an expanding DeepX Hub ecosystem.

Cool features of the DeepX CamBox


  • AI-capable device: Utilizes Jetson Nano single-board computer for AI/ML processing.
  • Stereo vision: Equipped with two high-quality IMX477 cameras for stereo and 3D computer vision.
  • Robust and waterproof: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, IP67 compliant.
  • Smart power system: Includes an ESP8266-based power control board for stability and remote maintenance.
  • Modular architecture: The internals are swappable and can be integrated into different enclosures/ form factors/ environments.
  • Battery operation: Up to 20 hours with one Full HD camera or 10 hours with stereo vision.


  • Complete infrastructure: CamBox is a part of the DeepXHub platform offering device-specific tools, server/cloud ML pipeline, and a user-friendly UI with streaming and alerts.
  • Auto-maintenance tools: Allows remote maintenance and provides services to ensure stable operation.
  • Acceleration: Utilizes Nvidia GPU and software for efficient video encoding.
  • Edge processing: Real-time machine learning with Wi-Fi/4G metadata transfer and instant client alerts.

So what can our CamBox be used for?

  • Safety Monitoring: Helps monitor safety compliance in high-risk environments to reduce industrial injuries.
  • Security Enhancement: Improves security systems by recognizing faces and restricted industrial and home security areas.
  • Anomaly Detection: Detects anomalies in industrial processes, weather conditions, and behavior, preventing injuries, losses, and health risks.

The DeepX CamBox demonstrates the rapid advancements in the world of AI/ML hardware solutions. From a single-camera prototype in 2016 to the current state-of-the-art stereo vision system, it underscores DeepX’s commitment to providing clients with top-level computer vision services. The combination of robust hardware and intuitive software ensures a reliable, efficient, and universal device suitable for a range of applications, from safety monitoring to anomaly detection. Whether for industrial processes or home security, CamBox is not just a product; it’s a testament to how AI/ML technology can revolutionize real-time monitoring and decision-making.

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