Road Safety Computer Vision

Computer Vision in Road Safety (Collision Avoidance)

The United States Independence Day last Saturday has been a lucky day for this Tesla owner.

The car’s autopilot has used its sensors and AI software to successfully avoid crashing into try hurling at high speed over from the opposite traffic lane.

We believe this is a fantastic capability of the vital role Computer Vision is going to be playing in road safety and in generally saving human lives and expensive equipment. It is not clear at the moment to what extent Computer Vision / Deep Learning technology has contributed in the current incident as Tesla is known to use different kinds of sensors, equipment and software, but this sort of collision detection and avoidance problem is definitely going to be increasingly addressed by the machine vision technology, one day becoming a widespread norm and a safety standard.

UPD: the later added statement from the driver explains that he has dodged the tyre, not the autopilot, however Tesla’s autopilot and other features have provided him with timing and the opportunity to detect and avoid the crash. Additionally, the car has automatically stabilized itself following the manoeuvre, keeping the driver and itself safe from flipping over or spinning into other lanes heavy with traffic.

Our statement stands however – Computer Vision can and is being used to increase human and equipment safety, it can react faster than human and we will see more of examples of applications of such incredible technology to increase road safety globally.

DeepX is happy to be contributing to these efforts. Stay tuned for updates from us on the examples of using ground-braking computer vision and machine learning technology.

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