In the work DeepX is doing, camera hardware plays a very important role. Having been focusing on software and Machine Learning part of the things we have normally relied on connecting / using the existing hardware / video acquisition systems.

However as we have progressed implementing more tailor-made or DeepXHub-based machine vision solutions for our clients, we have started to realize that a camera box has to be a part of the equation, or at least an option that we should offer.

Indeed, many clients prefer the whole turnkey package at the same time there are no reliable camera box providers that fit our and our clients criteria, can turn around and innovate quickly enough, and offer solutions with the required flexibility and at a reasonable cost.

Long story short, somewhere towards Q2-Q3 2020 DeepX team has started to develop our own smart camera box solutions and we have never looked back since. Initially we have used some off the shelf components and cases as well as low-quality 3D printed materials – our early adoption clients for these first boxes have been forewarned and didn’t mind the occasional wire or a sticky tape! This has allowed us to iterate quickly and get to be able to offer reliable, weather and shock protected camera systems as an option to our respected clients.

Shown in this video is the process of 3D printing of one of the early models of our camera boxes early in 2021.

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