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Neglecting the importance of the health aspect leads to grave consequences. In the previous post dedicated to advanced AI solutions in healthcare we have already given examples of the AI-powered healthcare system implementation in hospitals, focused on diagnostic optimization, visual data processing, human pose estimation, administrative and business process optimization.

However, lives endangering risks appear in any industry or business. Every conscientious business owner is liable for the employees’ and customers’ health when it comes down to life risk management at workplaces and anywhere where the company’s processes take place. So how can AI business solutions decrease health risk factors, and help in business process optimization? To answer this question, let’s consider the possibilities of applying previously regarded AI solutions in healthcare to other industries.

AI solutions for transportation

Obviously, the driver’s health condition is a critical and decisive factor, which determines the safety of their passengers, as well as their own. Physical and mental health is crucial for traffic accident avoidance. Speaking about AI solutions in healthcare, technologies like body scanning, pose estimation, automatic facial landmarks analysis, are really useful in life risk management. They analyze the driver’s physical and mental condition, preventing dangerous situations. We can apply them to the public, railway, cargo transport drivers, pilots, captains of ships, and others, who are in charge of transportation of people and/or goods. 

CV/ML system relying on data fusion from different sources can perform a precise and reliable analysis of body state by: 

  • capturing face image and body pose, detecting and analyzing keypoints for determining that the person is not able to drive or operate mechanisms (e.g. insomnia, signs of a stroke or heart attack etc.);
  • blood pressure and pulse;
  • pupils of the eyes;
  • blood test data;
  • thermal imaging for detecting body temperature etc.

Advantages of AI in transportation

The main advantage of AI innovations in healthcare is the ability to assess the driver’s state for further risk prevention quickly, precisely and effortlessly. Having access to the database, the system can use the existing data for learning, as well as providing more efficient analysis due to increasing data amount. Thus, the companies not only achieve better business process optimization, but also increase the level of successful transportation. This allows minimizing the physical threat to the drivers and passengers lives.

At the same time, we should not rule out the possibility of deteriorating health during the transportation itself, especially if it lasts for several days. For such cases, vehicles could be equipped with an AI system, specifically tailored for such needs. Such AI solutions allow constant monitoring of the driver’s condition with a proper alert system and fast reaction if dangerous situations take place. Facial landmarks analysis can give the concentration level and warn the driver about the need to have a break and stop in case of drowsiness. 

Similarly, the system can notify people in charge of transportation safety in case of a pre-stroke condition, infarction, or even panic attack.

AI solutions in sports

AI Solutions for Sports

Apart from benefits for the body and health state, sports can also bring threats of injury or vital functions disruption with drastic consequences. That’s why the sports industry can greatly benefit from the above mentioned AI solutions in healthcare

Computer vision systems can successfully manage the training process by using techniques like human pose estimation, that control the correctness of physical activity performance by analyzing the detected keypoints. It can also be useful in preventing injuries in children’s sports sections or fitness clubs, where coaches do not have a constant and simultaneous focus on multiple people exercising. 

The system analyzes sports activities, and if the exercises are performed incorrectly, a person will receive a corresponding message on a fitness bracelet or watch. The coach will also be notified with the id of the person’s bracelet and accuracy alerts, which is effective for home health monitors applications, while exercising at home.

Additionally, this AI solution for the sports industry can be effective in general evaluation of exercising effectiveness or tracking failures during performance. In professional sports, such information allows improving the results much faster. In fitness, it is also valuable for achieving set goals. The data collected from computer vision models can be used to assess how fitness club visitors are working out on sports equipment, and in case of any incorrect moves detection, the notification will come to the coach’s smartphone or the athlete himself, making training much more effective and improving the trust level of the sports institution.

AI in professional sports

On the other hand, in professional sports, the data analysis systems can monitor health and check the state of athletes before an important competition to prevent any health dysfunction due to the stress and an inadequate load on the body. As we recall, Danish football player Christian Eriksen has suffered cardiac arrest after fainting during a Denmark vs Finland match on EURO 2021, and, unfortunately, this is not the only case. The incident could have been avoided if the athlete’s state was assessed right before the game, when the stress level reaches its peak.

With the help of proposed AI solutions, health data can be collected before the start of an important sports event. Precise and fast analysis of physical parameters provides the body condition evaluation, giving us an effective HRA assessment tool that can help prevent accidents mentioned above.

AI solutions in extreme entertainment

Similarly, computer vision and machine learning systems can be used for any kind of extreme entertainment, such as skydiving, rope/bungee jumping, diving and others. To guarantee the safety of such amusement and maintain a good business reputation, it is essential to take care of the equipment condition in order to perform the proper customer life risk management.

In most cases, business responsibility is limited to a document stating that the client is fully aware of potential danger and is responsible for one’s own health. However, will it be enough when it is a life-and-death issue? Such an attitude may not only damage the reputation, cause a lot of trouble and stress for business owners, but also lead to irreversible consequences for clients’ health and lives.

In order to ensure proper safety conditions in the entertainment industry, business owners can use advanced healthcare apps that collect data about the client’s state and monitor health in critical situations. 

First of all, the general state of the client’s health can be automatically analyzed by the AI system, determining whether the person can take part in such an extreme entertainment before it takes place. In case the state of a client suddenly changes during the process or something goes wrong with the equipment, the system can detect the anomalies, analyze them and notify the employees responsible, giving them the opportunity to act accordingly and immediately. 
Thus, such AI business solutions can become crucial not only in life risk management processes but also in business process optimization in general.

AI solutions for extreme working conditions (mining)

AI solutions for mining industry

In addition to extreme entertainment, one should not ignore the option of using AI solutions in healthcare for extreme and unsafe working conditions, such as mining. Given the fact that miners spend most of their time together underground, there is a significant risk of infectious diseases spreading inside the group, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis (B or E), and AIDS. Moreover, miners are affected by various physical hazards such as noise, local vibration, high air temperature, changes in barometric pressure, and ionizing radiation.

Any of the external factors can harm even a perfectly healthy worker. Therefore, it is essential to monitor health of miners before going down to the mine, as well as during the work there. The same principle will be used to check the health before excavation: AI-powered measurement and assessment of key health indicators for permitting the access to work in a mine.

How exactly will the AI healthcare solution work in the mine? First of all, each employee can be equipped with a special wrist bracelet or another mechanism that will assess the fluctuations of the main parameters of physical condition. Also, having different computer vision tools for environmental assessment and access to a corresponding database can be used in preventing environment related dangers before they take place, or give the ability to react before it’s too late. These can be temperature and pressure rising, seismic activity in certain areas and other factors that can endanger the workers’ health.

In case of an unreliable connection with the processing center, the essential edge processing can be done locally, ingesting the data from on-body cameras and sensors, communicating with the nearby devices of other workers and producing the corresponding notifications.

AI solutions for manufacturing

The same principles of AI solutions application can be used in production. This mainly refers to factories and plants of chemical industries and individual units that produce or use dangerous substances, refine petroleum products etc.

The main hazards potentially threatening the workers of such industries are temperature, high humidity and radiation, electromagnetic fields, lasers and ultrasonic radiation, vibration, exposure to dust and aerosols, charged air, etc.

The computer vision and machine learning system can be specifically tailored to detect leakages of dangerous substances, gases, smoke. Also, the pose estimation technology can be used to analyze how people work with dangerous substances, and whether they adhere to safety regulations. This includes detecting whether the protective equipment is used, and whether the people involved in the process have access to certain areas in general. If an incident takes place, video footage can be analyzed by the AI system in retrospective, highlighting the moments for consideration on a smart timeline.

Additionally, in order to increase the safety of workers, their health state can be monitored by the system before, during, and after work. In a working environment, the healthcare app will also analyze both the employee’s physical condition and the impact of external factors. It allows proper regulation of work processes and prevention of harm to the health of anyone involved.


Summing it up, healthcare AI solutions are one of the best investments for any business at the moment. They help businesses to avoid incidents, perform proper health and life risk management, demonstrating to employees that the company prioritizes their health. This approach increases the level of trust between employers, employees, and clients.

If you want to learn more about the options for implementing the AI-powered healthcare mechanisms in your business, feel free to contact us. DeepX provides specifically tailored custom AI solutions for any type of business, based on your specific needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to get at us, and we will offer you options for solving your problems in a free technological consulting session with our specialists.

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